1947 – Working with Save the Children in Germany

The Toddlers at Schlutup

After the end of World War II four teams from Save the Children Fund went to the British zone of Germany in 1945, having been transferred from work in Holland. Three general relief teams worked in displaced persons camps. One of these teams was stationed in the area of the Ruhr, then moved to work at the transit camp at Adelsdorf, dealing with the 50,000 children being evacuated from Berlin. A medical team of 24 persons was based near Lübeck. This team ran a children’s clinic, a sanatorium for displaced persons (many of them victims from Belsen concentration camp) and a holiday home for Polish children. In 1946 this team was running a children’s hospital at Schlutup for children of displaced persons. The hospital was also responsible for orphanages at Müssen and Rohlsdorf. 

There was a convalescent centre for Latvian children at Fissau, a home at Bad Lippspringe, and a holiday home at Wildemann in the Harz mountains.