Victoria Children’s Hospital, Tite Street

The Victoria Hospital for Children opened in 1866 as The South Western Hospital for Children. This image shows Gough House, a very substantial Chelsea house in which it was initially accommodated, and which was extended as demands on the hospital grew. It continued to operate for nearly 100 years. In 1948, it became part of the group of hospitals managed … Read More

1947 – Working with Save the Children in Germany

After the end of World War II four teams from Save the Children Fund went to the British zone of Germany in 1945, having been transferred from work in Holland. Three general relief teams worked in displaced persons camps. One of these teams was stationed in the area of the Ruhr, then moved to work at the transit camp at … Read More

Uppingham School Sanitorium

From schoolboy’s memories of Uppingham …..1947 had one of the severest winters ever recorded, snow was on the ground for about 12 weeks and so deep in places that even telephone wires in a dip on the Oakham Road were completely buried, in fact boys from the School were sent to dig them out. The temperature barely rose above freezing … Read More

1945 – RNSQ Plas Warren

In 1902 Her Majesty Queen Alexandra signified that it was her gracious pleasure to become President of the Nursing Staff, which was known thereafter as Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service. In 1910 the principal civilian hospitals agreed to supply nurses at short notice in the event of war and the nucleus Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service Reserve was … Read More